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Advertinsing Testing:

With our innovative advertising testing approach you can:

  • Cost-efficiently pre-test your digital communication campaign in a simulation of the real-life environment to learn how the ad would impact your audience and why

  • Guarantee the highest possible ROI for your latest campaign.

Idea Screening:

With this unique idea screening tool you can commit to the ideas that have the best potential for success:

  • Quickly predict success of your product ideas, benefits, images, logos, taglines, and more prior to further development

  • Understand which segments of population are most appealed to each idea and why


Consumer Journey Mapping:

With a hybrid 3-layer approach we reveal Actions and Emotions at Every Step of the Consumer Journey and let you:

  • Gain insights into your consumer shopping stories.

  • Understand the steps they take prior to making a purchase decision.

  • Empower your customer-centric marketing strategies and business development tactics.


Our Brand Insights Services put a spotlight on new opportunities for our clients to increase brand loyalty and have confidence in your decisions.


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